Jerzy Dytkiewicz is a tabletop director and food film director. His scope are tabletop commercials, food films, demo parts or digital stories, all depending on the client’s needs. But, Jerzy does not limit himself to one style only and that makes him so unique and different from other tabletop directors. Combining all visual technics, styles, gears and approaches to create a stunning images with engaging storytelling quality. He loves telling stories with real cinematic feel.


His approach is based on adding extra value to all of his works. Shooting-board isn’t enough. He always leaves some space for improvisation, encouraging experimentation on set. Different techniques and gear are his best companions. He is always involved in preparation process and engineering rigs. Whenever it’s possible, Jerzy takes part in editing process or even edits by himself. This brings extra value and coherency to the projects. He uses computer visual effects as little as possible, basing his work on live recordings. Cleverness is his big advantage; he often supports creative departments and customers in writing scenarios and planning the shooting. Jerzy strongly believes that the basis of a good project is effective cooperation and mutual trust.


His main intention is to tell a beautiful story with tempting and appealing food shots. The effect should be an impactful movie which builds connection between viewers and the brand. He also knows that apart from an artistic vision, it is very important to fulfil strategic premise of the brand. His goal is to mix in interesting ways of shooting food with live action parts to create a top notch video.

Working Worldwide

Jerzy has worked on many projects abroad: USA, Europe and Asia. It’s hard to get such rich experience in just one country. His international background strengthens his position as a director: the proficiency in telling stories, artistry and aesthetic sensitiveness.