Matt began directing music videos after a long career of working as a camera person for film and television. Winning a spot in the Crazy 8s 2013 contest, Matt directed a quirky and darkly comedic sci-fi titled Braindamage. After the competition, he shifted full time into music video and commercial directing. Directing videos for bands such as Mother Mother, The Pack AD, k-os, Bear Mountain and many others, Matt carved out a niche within the west coast music scene directing videos for indie artists and major label acts. He’s been nominated for multiple MMVA awards, and multiple number 1 music videos on Much. Matt strives to tell a compelling visual story while being true to the heart of the project.

Matt Leaf's cinematic style is most evident in the eye-popping music videos he directs. Always paying attention to the colours, textures, and talent he puts on screen, he's consistently seeking more appealing visuals to push his stories. Matt looks at the world and sees the flaws in the beauty, and the beauty in the flaws. He likes fusing beauty and violence; dancing in the space between. His style embraces weirdness while being completely commercially viable.